Saturday, August 11, 2007

Featured Plush Artist


1. I love that I can look at one of your creatures and recognize it as yours! They have such disctinct personality and style. How did your style develop? Does your technique influence your style (or vise-a-versa)?
i bought my son a skinny long legged sock monkey one year for christmas,he fell in love with it and took it everywhere and it became one of the family really, so when my mum bought me the john murphy sock creature book for christmas a couple of years ago i decided to make creatures with the long lanky look that that monkey had!! (his name was little blue!!) So that was how the tutti frutti style took shape!! My love of bright colours and sweet treats inspires the knitted goodies that come with each creature! As does my love of kawaii and japanese fruits!!

2. You're in the UK. I'm in the Great Lakes, US. The US is experiencing a craft rennaissaince. What's the craft scene in the UK, Dorset? Do you find that folks are genuinely tapping into a creative "something" or is this a crazy felt owl fad?

its strange really as as much as the craft scene is developing in dorset it seems to be the upper market jewellery and glasswear style of crafts rather than plushies etc! however london and brighton are down with the plush kids!! :)

3. Tell us a bit about your own journey. Are you a self-taught sewer? Were you raised in a home where traditional crafts were valued?

My Nan made all my soft toys when i was a little girl and my mum also was a knitter so the bug has just passed down really!! I've always just want to make stuff and being a mum now it's great to see my little boy (Noah now 6) getting so much fun out of his homemade plush!! His is a blue tutti frutti named Raymond! (check him out on flickr!!)

4. When you're in your workroom, do you listen to music, nature of the telly? Are you a messy workroom person or a neat workroom person?
Music usually!!! polyphonic spree,flaming lips,kings of leon!! i am a super neat worker haha its almost ritualistic!! but i can't make them right if i'm not organised.

5. What's your favorite "shortcut" or "trick" that you've discovered in making your plushies?
chop chop chop!!!!!
haha i just made a wholesale order of 10 creatures for belgium and found it so much better to chop up all the socks and make loads of limbs then loads of other body parts...then the big stuff!! lol
6. Do you work additional jobs? How do you make time to make?

I've just been doing this full time recently but I am training as a teaching assistant from september (in the art department!! Yippee!!) So will be plushing around that!! The kids at school are great! They are fascinated by my creatures!! i made one for the class last year and they all took it in turns to take it home and write about it's adventures!!!

7. What's your favorite material to work with?

love them!! and wool! i really love walking around looking at random objects and thinking how much fun it would be to knit them!!! from nintendos to guitars to doughnuts!!

8. Have you had any "happy disasters"? (Any projects that went completely off the rails from your original plan- but turned out better than you expected?)

The minis were a bit of a mistake to start!! socks too small and bodies mega short but they turned out so sweet that people started ordering minis so that was fab!!

9. What's the next challenge/goal you've set for yourself?

i just made my first fully knitted creature which was a great challenge!! so i am making a rainbow one now for etsy!! then i am going to try my pattern with fake fur!! its so fun to have a creature style that is so my own that i am trying it out in all kinds of fabrics

10. Any closing thoughts, or anything you would like to add?

Just that if anyone out there thinks they would like to make something....give it a go!!! i never thought the dangly little guys i make would be so popular but they are all over the world with their own my spaces and one is even a rock star!! (Bo Pepper!!!) And i just did my first wholesale order!!! so my little guys are going to be in a store in belgium!!! jUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and follow the dream!!!!

Thanks so much for asking me to do this!!! sorry i took so long, its been crazy!!!!



Claire said...

Yay! Great interview! And I just love the knitted Game Cube controller. That is beyond awesome.

Adopt-a-Critter said...

Oh Kitty... that made my day! :)

Adopt-a-Critter said...
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jenni said...

I love the photos out in nature! Great interview!

Anonymous said...

The Bo Pepper videos are fantastic! Funny and super-duper creative, love 'em!

- Joey's Dream Garden

Sokitume! said...

I love Kitty's style! Her creatures always make me smile :) They are so whimsical. I really enjoyed reading this interview. Best, Michelle

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