Friday, October 12, 2007

behind the scenes

Team members were asked a few weeks back to help participate in the storque interview, by submitting images of us hard at work in our studios or craft rooms.
Sadly, the images were not used but everyone worked so hard on meeting the deadline, I just had to share them.

melissa stanley





jenni said...

It's fun to see people's workspaces--or a part of their workspace! I'd love to see more!

Claire said...

So cool! It's great to see artists in their natural habitats.

Alicia said...

This looks like a fun community! Is it open to new members? I am PeekaBooWkshp on Etsy:
I don't have an account on Is that necessary? Thanks for any info!

nervousonion said...

i need to tweeze my monobrow.

ChristinaWard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChristinaWard said...

I told everyone I was committed to my grey hair; I guess now that my roots are all over the internets there's no going back!

Thanks for posting the pictures Megan. (Thanks to everyone for being a good sport!)

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