Monday, October 1, 2007


Welcome to the first PLUSHTEAM contest!
The prize consist of over $200 worth of plush love from some very talented Plushteam members, and a thanks to the following team members for donating plush goods to the game: absolutelysmall, pattihaskins, DekvengaDelights,

The game is very easy. It's a mix between a find and seek/word scramble.
14 PlushTeam members have hidden a version of our logo, PT Stitchy into our shops. Each logo has a different letter. Once you have found all 14 images you must rearrange the letters to form a phrase.

The rules are simple
.1. You must have an Etsy account, or sign up for one on the website .
2. Search the participating shops listed below to find PT Stitchy.
Each shop has one PT Stitchy hidden somewhere.
When you find one write down the letter, then move on to the next shop, then so on and so on.
3. When you’ve found all 14 letters, rearrange them to form a phrase send a convo to, with your answer.
4. All correct answers will be placed into a raffle, with the winner chosen at random from all the correct entries.
5. The contest would start on Monday October 1 and last one week, ends on October 8 at midnight. The winner will be announced on October 10 on the team blog, and contacted directly.
6. As much as I know we all want to win the bounty for ourselves, Plushteam members and their families are ineligible from participating. :(

Participating shops:

Game on!


Adopt-a-Critter said...


rotten dollies said...


Caroline said...

That was fun! Great job guys! :)

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

What a fun idea! I had a blast and maybe, just MAYBE I'll come out a winner!

EtsyAlberta said...

Hey guys! Great idea for a contest! I'm from the EtsyAlberta team and saw your interview on Etsy as a featured group (: Great work guys, it looks like you've put a lot of time and effort into making this group amazing (:


Paper Girl Productions said...

Sounds like fun! Great idea!

Maira Bones said...

Wow that is easy to participate, I want to earn a Plush dolls ... greetings

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