Monday, October 22, 2007

plush vote

PlushTeam welcomes you to our Halloween Party. We need some help from everyone voting for the best Plush in each catergory.

Leave a message here on the blog with your top pick from each category, Good Enough to Eat, Costume and Spooky Plush and best overall plush entry
Winners recieve PlushTeam bragging rights and some Etsy goodness sent their way.
Voting ends October 30 with winners announced October 31.
Best of luck to all who entered.

Good enough to Eat

candy corn by DekvengaDelights

Costume Category

Rabbit goes Trick or Treating as a Ladybug by electricdaisy

big mouth skeleton cat by pattihaskins

Cat Girl by imaginermonkey

16-inch Waldorf-style Halloween doll by FaerieRebecca
Seahag by sarahapple

Spooky Plush
sock critter mumford von creepy by nervousonion

Corny Devil by Dkoss2

The Beastie Ball by MayaBella

pumpkin spice by moogancreations

Horrible Hennie by slcstudio

Soft Sculpture Wool Spider by beetlegirldesign

Zombie Chupacabra by ChristinaWard

boo the zombie weirdo by susarto


electric daisy said...

Yea Plush Team! We're the coolest ever.

Anonymous said...

Corny Devil. I don't care for candy corn, but Dkoss2 rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Corny devil! He's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Corny Devil, as the only entry in that category, totally gets my vote.

In the next category, I vote for Rabbit Goes Trick Or Treating.

In the final category, I vote for Soft Sculpture Wool Spider.


Danno said...

I'm a "sucker" for that zombie chupacabra!

Alissa said...

I vote for Pumpkin Spice! Cute and creepy, and awesome needle felting! Great detail!

Peggradyart said...

Just tried to vote and got kicked out. Let me try again...

Corny Devil
Sock Critter Von Creepy

(It's probably this dumb dial up connection, but keeping my fingers crossed that it works this time).

Anonymous said...

Well, Corny Devil-- only entry, 'nuff said.

rabbit goes trick or treating was cool for the second category.

But I was equal parts disturbed and impressed with the Soft Sculpture Wool Spider. It is both adorable and frightening-- everything that Halloween should be. It gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Here's to the Soft Sculpture Wool Spider

Chrissy said...

Soft Sculpture Wool Spider! :D

FOSCO said...

Soft Sculpture Wool Spider for me!

crashcourse said...

I vote for Corny Devil in Good Enough to Eat,
Soft Sculpture Wool Spider in the Spooky Catagory and Sea Hag in Costume.

Yay! Halloween!

Dolce Vita said...

Good Enough to Eat - corny devil
Costume - cat girl
Spooky Plush - soft sculpture wool spider
Best overall plush entry - soft sculpture wool spider (my favorite).

paper-and-string said...

Good Enough to Eat :: CANDY CORN
Costume :: CAT GIRL
and best overall plush entry :: CAT GIRL (and her pumpkin pin)

Anonymous said...

costume - cat girl
spooky - soft sculpture wool spider

pink-petal-designs said...

whooo i love the halloween cat by giner monkey.

ransom said...

I think the candy corn could have done quite well even if there were competition in Good Enough To Eat...

Big Mouth Skeleton Cat's my favorite costume.

The Wool Spider gets my vote for spooky. It's cute, but trips my arachnophobia...

hilde said...

cat girl is the best!

Kelly said...

soft sculpture wool spider for me.

tiana said...

I like:
candy corn
ladybug rabbit
and boo the zombie weirdo.

Elle said...

What I like is the candy corn, then the ladybug and the beastie ball. Out of all of them, I like the ladybug the best.

Teri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teri said...

Corny Devil! YAY! Pretty freakin awesome!

Anonymous said...

I pick the corny little candy for the first category.
I pick the black ladybug rabbit for category #2.
Last, but not least, I pick Horrble Hennie for the last.
Well done to all.

Jane said...

Goody enough to eat: Candy corn
Costume Categaory: Cat girl
Spooky Plush: Zombie Chupracabra
Overall: Big Mouth Skeleton Cat & Cat girl

thetravellor said...

I vote for:

Good Enough to Eat: who else but Corny Devil

Spooky: Soft Sculpture Wool Spider in

Costume: Sea Hag

Rachael said...

Candy corn - Cat 1 - (well of course)
Sea Hag - Cat 2
Boo the Zombie - Cat 3
Best overall for me would have to be that Sea Hag!

Alexis said...

Soft sculpture wool spider is the best.

Chris said...

Lots of great options, here!

Good enough to Eat: Corny Devil, in brilliant strategery, rocks this category.

Costume: Big Mouth Skeleton is pretty great and would be my choice if I had to choose.

Spooky Plush: So many great entries! Pumpkin Spice takes this one for the extra creepy eyes and mouth, although the whole plush is lovely.

Best Overall Plush: still going with Pumpkin Spice, although there are some really great competitors. Great job everyone!

Sharone said...

16-inch Waldorf-style Halloween doll by FaerieRebecca

Is by FAR the very best!!!!

Leslie in Springfield said...

For Costume, 16-inch Waldorf-style Halloween doll by FaerieRebecca

For Good Enough to Eat, definitely Candy Corn

For Spooky, Pumpkin Spice is it!

Ginger said...

I love the Waldorf-style doll! What a great outfit!

lilpistachio said...

I vote for "sock critter mumford von creepy by nervousonion". That is so so so so cute!

lilpistachio said...

oh, but i also like the beastie ball! it's so fluffy and sweet, in a totally horrifying way! hehe... reminds me of a dust bunny!

hardcori said...

Candy Corn! this one can watch you eat it.
for Costume I like big outh skeleton cat.
for Spooky I love the soft sculpture spider....with all its little eyes staring. I pick spider for best over all.

Vanessa said...

I vote for cat girl from I'm a ginger monkey!

Anonymous said...

Eats: Candy Corn

Costume: Cat Girl

Spooky: Soft Sculpture Wool Spider

Best Overall: Soft Sculpture Wool Spider

Penny said...

I vote for cat girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

can't go wrong with candy corn... it's sweet after all.

and cat girl looks supercute in her costume.

and spooky yet classic is wool spider, which i love the best of all.

rebecca said...

I love the spooky wool spider by Beetle Girl. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Corny Devil ftw

Anonymous said...

I pick candy corn, rabbit ladybug and Hennie.

Meg said...

I vote for Cat Girl, love her dolly look, and Mumford Von Creepy the aristocrat spider.

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