Tuesday, October 16, 2007

where, oh where, are all my plushies going?

The PlushTeam was contacted by email the other day with an intriguing title in the subject bar.

I clicked on the email and received the most amazing images from an Etsy buyer, gmoss66, informing me of her love of Plush and her outstanding collection. I immediately asked if I could do an interview and she was kind enough to agree.

I hope you all enjoy the read and can recognize a few fellow Plushteam members work among Gretchen's collection.

How long have you been collecting handmade plush toys?

Collecting came naturally to me from the moment I was born. I was raised in a family that cherished toys and dolls and honored arts and crafts. My whole family - Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brother, Grandmother, Uncles and Aunts - all created art and/or created handmade toys, puppets, dolls, clothing, costumes, etc. The earliest handmade plush creation I can remember is a standard pillow-sized orange corduroy square bear that my Mom made me for Christmas when I was 3. He was my watching tv buddy. I think his name was Honey Bear.
Since I grew up receiving handmade plushies made especially for me and because I had selected/adopted so many OOAK plushies at art fairs and stores, plushies naturally had to be kept, cared for, displayed and stored carefully. At some point in my early childhood, I also started drawing pictures of them and creating little stories about each one. They became the source of my inspiration as a young artist. And then I my talent was discovered. I attended art classes and special art schools non-stop until I was an adult. The collecting has never stopped - I have to collect - I'm on a mission to capture the "spirit" of your creations for my own artistic expression.

Do you have a favorite seller and/or toy?

I do not have a favorite seller or toy but I am drawn to plushies that have names and stories. In addition, to handmade I love characters/creatures from stories by authors or illustrators - Richard Scarry, Beatrix Potter, Maurice Sendak, Louis Carroll and modern juxtapoz artists and japanese character plush or vinyl - Tim Biskup, Takashi Murakami, Furyu Chebruska, Tokidoki, Gloomy Bear, Mountain Mountain, Hello Kitty/Sanrio, San-X, Manju, Mari Matsuo, Nyoco, Rilakkuma, Ugly Doll, Wanroom, etc. I also have a passion for vintage Dakin Dream Pets.
My current Etsian artists/stores that are in my collection include: MarmeeCraft, Elisita, Moons Creations, Fantastic Toys, Plant & Animals, Chet & Dot, Details Store, Cornflake Girl, Fly Star Toys, Thai Fab Shop, Tiddlywinks, Blacklilypie, Keitosan, Reanee and others.

Did you have a favorite plush doll as a child?

My most cherished toy is a handmade felt pocket mouse- I've had him since I was four. He is only two inches tall, completely clothed, has leather hands, feet and tail, thread whiskers and seed bead eyes. His name is Amos, he's perfect and I still have him. My Dad and Brother made him a two-story Tudor style "Mouse House" for a surprise Christmas Present for me when I was 8. My Mom and Sisters made cute furniture and accessories. It was a huge surprise. It was truly a labor of love.

Why do you feel that supporting handmade goods is important?

I have a fear that if handmade is not bought and cherished artists/crafters will feel rejected and stop creating. Technology has eased my fear. Etsy has created or contributed a modern renaissance of handmade.

How where you first introduced to Etsy and the Plushteam?

I think I ran into Etsy when it first started from a link or banner on another artists site or an independent store - like Giant Robot or Insound. I've seen it grow. It's amazing - all the talent all over the world - at one source.
I saw something about Plushteam on Etsy Storque.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Oh no, that's not a good thing to ask me - I tend to be a story teller so I'm going to control myself and say "no".
Also since I have read that you will be a future Etsy seller yourself, feel free to describe a bit about yourself and your work.
My Esty store Shop 66 is opening in a few weeks. I will be selling supplies and vintage items for artists/crafters, my handmade miniature art and plushies, and typical things like pins, magnets, gift tags, etc. My work has two sides cute or bizarre. I try to stay on the cute side because I sell more but buyers have bought and loved my bizarre work. The Etsy selling opportunity, all the Etsian art I've collected, and all the cool artists/crafters I met on Etsy has inspired me to create again - it's been seven years - I guess it's also the "itch".

For more about me visit my profile on Etsy and my evolving Myspace page GMoss.

Thanks so much to Gretchen for contacting us, being such a great sport with the interview and for supporting homemade plush designers!


moogan said...

thanks so much for contacting us at the plushteam!

GMoss said...

Your welcome! all you plushie people are welcome to inform me of your latest creations. You never know - they might come and join my plushie family. :)

Heather said...

Fun post with lots of fun group photos :)
Great collection gmoss.


The Truth said...

Do you have any pictures of TokiDoki toys ?

Gladys said...

Nice collection! :)

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