Friday, November 2, 2007


Happy Friday! This week's spotlight is on one of my very favorite things in the universe, Dolls! Ever since I was small, I have loved dolls. I took them everywhere with me. I bathed them and fed them and took them for walks. It was the one consistent thing I ever asked for. I didn't care if it was Barbie, Cabbage Patch or handmade. Now, I am definitely partial to handmade and can't believe the awesomeness that comes from our very own Plush Team!

First of all, I love Kezzaroo so much. Not only is she super adorable, her tiny little dolls are simply the coolest!

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There is little Princess Leia, my boyfriends favorite person in the world :D

Also, can you resist the adorable oddness from this lovely lady from SarahtheApple?

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It makes me want to snuggle her right up!

And also, KaselKreations has some very sweet stuff! I especially love this little guy in his Batman shorts :D

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look at that little nose! :D

Happy Friday guys!

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ChristinaWard said...

Looks great everyone!

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