Friday, November 16, 2007

All About Plush You 2008 - Interview with Kristen Rask

Plush You is a plush art exhibit that is the brainchild of Schmancy’s Kristen Rask. It is considered to be one of the main plush art exhibits of the year. It’s an annual event, but next year there will be something new. 2008 will bring two Plush You shows. One will be in Seattle again at Schmancy and one in San Francisco at Double Punch Gallery. The Seattle show will be next October, and the San Francisco show will be in November.
Until then, here’s a brief interview with plush queen, Kristen Rask.

Plush Team: How did you get the idea for Plush You?

Kristen Rask: I was reading a lot of blogs at the time I opened up Schmancy. I think I am a crafty person and wanted to provide a show for those that I admire through the Internet. Since plush fits in with the aesthetic of Schmancy, I decided a plush show would be the best fit and there you have it.

PT: Can you recall the first time you came across alternative plush?

KR: I guess when I saw that it was more like a movement was when I was reading Loobylu on a regular basis.

PT: What is your favorite thing about plush?

KR: It is all different, creative and you can really see individuals own style. There are tons of sock creatures out there and they all look different and have their own style. It's awesome.

Plush You 2007
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PT: What do you look for in show submissions?

KR: If it fits into Schmancy aesthetic. Quality of work. I like to have a variety of work and talent. I want the show to inspire people to create and I think it really does that. I want to continue to inspire, motivate and not intimidate people. It's a really great show.

PT: What's the most exciting thing that has happened at one of the Plush You shows?

KR: There really is a list. Some of them are when strangers offer to help set up or help in some other way to make the show a success. I was really proud to hear that the curator of a really great museum knew my name and about the show. All the fantastic notes and emails I get from participants is truly amazing. Everyone I work with on this show has made me feel really good about what I am doing and that feels really good.

Plush You 2007
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There’s still time to apply to be a part of Plush You. Check out this link for the submission details.
Also, check out the Plush You group on Flickr for more awesomeness:
And of course, keep watching the Plush You blog for updates in the plush community!

P.S.- Kristen will be at Etsy Labs on December 9th! Keep watching the Etsy Labs portion of the Storque- there will be some plush goodness coming up.

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