Tuesday, January 29, 2008

plushteam featured artist

Tell a bit about yourself.
My name is Lauren, I am 26 years old. I have been living in the bay area in California for a little over a year and a half. I am moving back to my hometown of Willowick Ohio in about a week! I love sewing, drawing, reading anything I can get my hands on, and baking. I am also currently learning how to knit which is pretty cool and hard so far.
how did you get started making plush creatures?
I started making plush when I moved to California. My boyfriend at the time was an artist and he was spending his evenings drawing or painting. I decided that instead of sitting around watching t.v. when he was busy doing that, that I should try out a few things I had been wanting to do. Sewing more was one of them. I had a sewing machine, but I had

lost my pedal in my move, so in the beginning everything was handsewn. I made these very tiny kittens with button eyes. I loved it! When I started selling online, I made enough money to buy another pedal for my machine and I haven't looked back!
How do you feel your work represents you as an artist?
This is a hard question for me, I think of myself as more of a crafter I guess. Fabric is an

awesome medium and sewing is a perfect outlet for me. The process is super theraputic for me.

Can you describe your process?

My process begins with me sketching. I am always drawing whatever comes into my head animal or people or whatever. I usually can take my drawings and think up how it would look good to me as plush. There are a few things I have actual patterns for, but not much.

What are your favorite materials?
I like to work with fleece. Some people don't like it but it is soft and snuggly which is what I am trying to go for.
Do you have a favorite tool?
I really like my sewing machine.
It is not the "best" quality but I know it and know how it works and so I do well with it. I also like this pin cushion I got for Christmas which is like a pin cushion for your arm. That thing has done so much for me already.
What else inspires you?

kids! They are so awesome. I like them a lot. I love at shows when they come up to my booth and tell me what they think of my toys! I am also inspired every day by other crafty people doing their thing. I think that it is amazingly amazing to see what people create with a few materials and some brain power.

What has joining Etsy meant to you?

A lot. I have met so many awesome people, I have learned about so much stuff, I have found crazy cool artists and tips and tricks. I really like etsy.
What has the plushteam meant to you?
I love the plush team! I feel like I have this amazing group of creators that really understand what I am going through and get the madness it is to be a plush artist.
What's next for you?
Everything. I am moving so I am sure I will get all sorts of crazy inspiration from that. I am going to continue to make super cute plush toys and anything else that comes my way.My blog:
You can read up more about Lauren on her blog


moogan said...

great article!!!

Claire said...

Great interview! Awesome new creatures, too!

ChristinaWard said...

Congrats Lauren. Love the stickers on your machine.

UglyPrettyThings said...

I love lauren's creations. She is a very successful plush artist on etsy :)

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