Thursday, March 20, 2008

Plush Press

Hi all,

Patti Haskins here. I have a confession. I am a read-aholic. I love to read. I don't want to be selfish and keep all the information I glean to myself, so starting right now I will be filing somewhat regular reports sharing any info regarding Plush Team members that I find in the news, spotted on blogs or appearing in galleries or shows.

Since I have not won the lottery yet and still have to go to the dreaded day job, I may miss a sighting or two. I would love tips and links, please, flood my inbox. Please.

Cuteable featured the fabulous personalized monsters from The Whimsy Patch the other day.

The weirdbuglady's house fly creation landed a spot on Softies Central in a parade of "not your usual softies".

And we'll end this week with Claire, the fantastic queen of all that is Absolutely Small and creator of that happening blog The Needle. Schmancy of Plush You fame published a wonderful interview with Claire that spotlights a bunch of photos of Claire's work and even has a special video created by Claire just for the article. Don't miss it.


Weirdbuglady said...

Wow thanks for posting this, I didn't even know I was on that site!

jenni said...

Great! It'll be awesome to see where the team members get mentioned!

moogan said...

great post!

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