Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Plush Press

Just a few Plush Team members popped up on my radar this week. Two are entrants in the Softies Central's Softies Awards contest. You can check all the entries here on Flickr. And the other is a Craft zine star.

First up is redmag's pink guy in the pink category. link Isn't she adorable?

Next is absolutely small with a sure to be winner in the cute face category. link Soooo cute!

I receive a Craft magazine daily email that highlights the cool things they are posting on their blog. The other day, Plush Team member dkoss2 had her fantastic felt gumball machine featured. link So exciting. Such great work.

And finally, we members of the Etsy Plush Street Team are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest Plush Team member, Olivia. Our fearless and talented leader, Megan of moogancreations is due to give birth to her any minute now.

Congratulations Megan! Welcome Olivia!

That's all for now, folks.

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