Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Fairy Tale Challenge

As previously mentioned by Squirrel Momma, I was her partner in the Fairy Tale Challenge. I was thrilled to find out that she's fascinated by the Little Red Riding Hood story.

We had lovely conversations about the signifigance of the Wolf as it represented forbidden desires! So many of the early versions of the story end badly for Little Red. There is no rescue. She is eaten by the Wolf; no woodsman to the rescue. But in the tradition of the German Stuerwelpeter; these were stories not so much to entertain children but to scare the bejesus out of them. These were morality tales.

Squirrel Momma and I both had a similar take on the negetive imagery surrounding the wolf. Think about it from the Wolf's prespective: I'm here to liven up the end of this lousy story and I'm the bad guy?

Technically, it was a wonderful challenge. I wanted him to look like a Wolf; menacing and dangerous. Yet still: I wanted him to have charm and appeal. I chose to make him BIG. Big to convey the idea that he is powerful. He stands about 3.5 feet long (with his tail up!) and 2.5 feet tall from the top of his head.

Thanks Squirrel Momma for the inspiration. It's been a wonderful process. I hope everyone enjoys the result!

wolfie 005
wolfie 009
wolfie 007

wolfie 004


emilybee said...

Wow, he's wonderful... and what a big plushie! I love his teeth, those are great! I bet he was fun to make! ^_^

squirrelmomma said...

Thank you so much, Christina--he's fabulous! Little Red is so lucky to have a big guy like that around ;)

Kooky said...

I adore this wolfie!! Wow - so lovely!

Net said...

Ooh, he's great - so fierce looking, and cuddly at the same time!

Water Lion said...

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