Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fairytale Challenge - Sleeping Beauty

When I started brainstorming for this challenge I immediately thought about the story books I had when I was little. I remembered the Ladybird books most clearly, especially ‘The Snow Queen’ and ‘Snow White & Rose Red’, so I went to my mum’s house and hunted through loads of boxes in the loft. I managed to find them all and spent a good couple of hours reading fairytales! Time well spent I think!

My partner for this challenge was Elaine (Kasellkreations). We soon discovered that we both liked the same fairytales when we were children, and I had a choice of making Rapunzel or Sleeping Beauty. I decided on Sleeping Beauty because of Elaine's story of how she used to make her male cousin sneak up to her bedroom and kiss her sleeping beauty doll! Also she posted this fab photo on flickr for me!

My doll is a more modern day sleeping beauty - I think she's just very tired and catching up on her beauty sleep! (I can certainly relate to that and could sleep all day given the chance!). She comes complete with pillow so can take a nap wherever she wants!

She'll be for sale in my shop very shortly!
Really enjoyed my first challenge as a plush team member, and am looking forward to the next!
Claire (FurWillFly)


kasellkreations said...

She's soooooo cute. The pillow is perfect. So glad I got to work with you on this. Elaine.

Kooky said...

This is brilliant! I love it :)

emilybee said...

She's so cute with all her little details, and so original! ^_^

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