Thursday, May 15, 2008

Storybook and Fairytale Swap--Paul Bunyan

I was lucky enough to have ChristinaWard as my swap partner, and for her story she picked one of her childhood favorites, Paul Bunyan.  For those of you not familiar with the Paul Bunyan folktales, Paul is a lumberjack so huge he has to use wagonwheels as buttons, and when he drags his ax on the ground it gouges out riverbeds. 

To go along with Paul I also created a stump (which doubles as a pincushion), with the words "PAUL WAS HERE" carved into its side.

To finish up the set I made some straight pins topped with tiny icons of Paul, trees, axes and pancakes.  Why pancakes?  Because Christina likes to eat at "Paul Bunyan's Pancake House", of course!  (And I think Paul must really like pancakes, too.) 

(Many thanks to Hillary Lang at Wee Wonderfuls for the Shrinky Dink pin tutorial!)


Net said...

I think he's brilliant. I hadn't heard of Paul Bunyan before, but I love him now, he looks so solid and squashy. The pincushion stump is great!

emilybee said...

Wow, he's awesome! I love his shape. That is so cool that you made the stump double as a pincushion too! So creative! ^_^

ChristinaWard said...

Paul turned out great! Thanks so much for a funny and cool interpretation of my childhood memories!

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