Monday, June 30, 2008

Childhood Challenge by ZFLA

This is my little pink quilted suitcase that housed my favorite wood block toys and still does.  I had quite a few wood puzzles and a very scary set of wooden stacking clowns.   Several months ago, I put all my wooden animal blocks on a shelf above my desk.  I've been thinking about a way to use their unique abstract forms in some sort of project.  (Frankly, I'd been thinking only 2 dimensionally–maybe a silkscreen illustration.)  Joining the Plush Team on the heels of this challenge was kismet.  I don't think I would have thought to use them as models for plush blocks on my own.  Now I think I need to make  all the others (ram, horse, giraffe, stork, alligator, fox and one that is too abstract to identify) and complete the menagerie.   Thank you Plush Team for a great challenge.

1 comment:

susarto said...

great idea! and they are really interesting!!! will be looking forward to seeing the others :D

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