Saturday, June 28, 2008

Favorite Childhood Toy/Plush

I wish I had pictures of myself and my favorite plush. I love Yummy Pancake's picture of her and her Easy-Bake Oven almost as much as I love her crocheted version. Truly impressive work.

My favorite plush from when I was young was a crocheted cat that my Grandma Benton made for me. She crocheted a cat for each of my three sisters as well. Not to mention all the afghans, vests, scarves, tablecloths, grandma was never without a hook in her hand and yarn whizzing by on its way to become some new creation. All I can remember about my cat that she made was that it was fuzzy, white, and had rhinestone eyes. Oh how I wish that I still had that kitty.

My interpretation of that remembered cat is fuzzy as well, but I opted for bright color instead of sedate white and gave my kitty the felt big mouth face that I give almost every cat that I make.

The picture of my grandma, without hook in hand, is from an afternoon entertaining her great grand-daughter as only Grandma could. This picture pretty much depicts her personality. She taught me how to crochet, embroider, say butt in Polish (dupa), how to remove my bra without taking off my shirt while rocking on her front porch and the answer to too many why's: "Are you writing a book? Why don't you leave out that part and make it a mystery?"

I miss her, she was one of a kind. I guess I'm trying, in my own way, to continue her crocheting cats tradition.

1 comment:

susarto said...

this is so sweet :D
and so much sentiment :D really lovely! your grandmother looks like she was a really fun person!

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