Saturday, June 7, 2008

Plush Press

Plush Team members have been busy and the press has noticed.

Craft magazine has a cool blog and you can sign up and get a newsletter of their interesting blog posts. A recent post featured Christina Ward and her amazing Tank Afghani-Style Latch Hook Rug. The fabulous gecko in terrarium created by Weird Bug Lady was posted by Jenny Ryan who declared “I think I have a new favorite plush maker...Weird Bug Lady! She makes a ton of clever insect-themed creatures”. Very cool. And don’t want to leave out our contest that received a nice mention.

Cuteable blog always feature cute stuff, just as their name implies. Several plush team members’ work has been seen recently adding much cuteness to the blog. The Whimsy Patch’s creations Mia, Allie and Alphabet Soup recently upped the cuteness factor by three. Moogan’s zipperman provided black and white cuteness. Siansburys’ Cookie the sock monkey was a featured find from the Cuteable Flickr group.

Softies Central always has wonderful plush presence and squirrel momma and Fluffy Flowers both had their owl creations featured. The fantastic owl on a camping trip by Fluffy Flowers was the lead owl in a post of nothing but owls while squirrel momma’s cute owl pincushion was one of the Softies Award entrants featured.

Shelterrific helped us get more traffic by posting about the Plush Team contest recently. Earlier they featured our Fairy Tale / Storybook challenge and posted photos and nice words for Red Riding Hood/Big Bad Wolf by AreaThriftyOne, Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee by redmag, and Zeldaloo’s Princess and the Pea. Fabulous work all.

Speaking of our Fairy Tale / Storybook challenge, Plush You wrote a nice piece regarding our work for the challenge and featured my Moishe from Where The Wild Things Are. An earlier post about the Maker Faire in San Mateo had pictured highlights from the show and one of the highlighted was Claire of Absolutely Small’s creations. Definitely a highlight wherever those chickenpants are gathered.

While on the chickenpants topic, Etsy’s blog The Storque alerted everyone to Claire’s super pants video with a fantastic featured article. As our fearless leader Megan says, “chickenpants are slowly taking over the globe!” Congratulations Claire.

From the looks of it, seems like the Plush Team is taking over the world!


moogan said...

we ARE taking over the globe!
what a fabulous team we have

Absolutely Small said...

Wow! This is really amazing. Way to go, everyone!

jenni said...

Awesome news! And I love this round up, too!

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