Tuesday, June 17, 2008

richard chills by a tree

meet richard. tales tell of the day richard's great grandfather, horatio t. cocklewrench III, stowed away in the laundry compartment of the titanic by clinging to the interior of a dryer. he hoped to find fame and fortune in america. unfortunately, his vessel of choice plummeted into the icy depths of the atlantic. weeks later, horatio finally washed ashore on a small island just off the coast of iceland. it was here that he started his rotten shark meat empire.

richard finds great solace amongst the trees. he has also found that they are a horrible place to store his comic books.

richard can speak four languages: english, esparanto, klingon, and Ubbidubbi, the secret language from ZOOM.

richard signs his checks in crayon under the pseudonym "Matthew Modine"

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