Monday, July 7, 2008

Favourite Childhood Toy - Monkey

I first saw Monkey in 1978. He was hanging from a papier mache tree in a display window in a toy shop near my home. I loved him so much. One day we went into the shop and there was a big performance as the shop-lady had to find a ladder and climb into the display to get Monkey. "Does it have to be this exact monkey?" "YES."

I had to wait a few more days, til my birthday, before I got to have Monkey, but I already loved him. Two years later, my brother threw him across the living room and one of Monkey's eyes fell out but I still loved him. Monkey sat on my bed for at least another eight years, until I put him carefully away and hung up posters of Michael J Fox instead. But I still loved Monkey and I still do.

The original Monkey was made of a dark pile fabric and was very cuddly. Instead of recreating an exact copy I wanted to recreate the "spirit" of Monkey, a cheeky friend who came on so many imaginary adventures with me. We pretended to row down jungle rivers together and we climbed real trees together, he even used to come to Narnia with me. Would Michel J Fox ever sit in a hedge with me, pretending to be in Narnia? Monkey will be popping up in my etsy shop later today.

1 comment:

susarto said...

ok, not only is that monkey so adorable, and the STORY...but the PHOTOS are soooo cool too!

i'm so impressed :D

well done, you!

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