Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Ill-fated Cupcake - Childhood Plush

Okay, my favorite was a plain old huggable, classic bear the color of chocolate icing named "Cupcake".
One day when I was still in grade school my younger brother and I came home from school to see a pile of stuffed animals (as they were called then) at the curb. My mother decided to throw out all our stuffed animals. The ironic part is my mother was and is a pack rat. Had she gone daft? We raced into the house and pleaded to to save them. She finally conceded and let us rescue a few each. Cupcake was one of the ones saved from the landfill and I recall my brother saved his worn and shabby "Lassie" dog. The one he rode on while he watched t.v. So where is the original cupcake now? Only Mom knows. She always liked the dolls better! (That's me second from the left in the picture.)

My "Cupcake" recreation can be bought in my Etsy store if you are feeling guilty Mom(s).

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