Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Member Introduction

We want to welcome our another new member Fur Will Fly. Here is a little bit about the creator and her creations.

1. Please tell us a little about the name Fur Will Fly?

I struggled for ages with the name of my shop – I had 2 sides of A4 covered with random words vaguely connected to plushies and furry animals but none of them were right. Then, (and this is a little sad!), I was flicking through the dictionary out of desperation, and next to fur they had ‘fur will fly’ so I wrote it down, stared at it for a few days and decided it was the one!! I guess it could mean the fur might fly when normal plush toys meet some of my bizarre creatures!

2. What was it that made you start creating your plushies and what inspires the variety of your creations?

I just realised one day that I didn’t have a creative hobby anymore – when I was younger I was always drawing and making things, and I loved art and textiles at school, but I had just forgotten how much I loved making stuff. I had already bought a sewing machine the year before, so I bought a couple of craft books, and decided to try making some toys! I think my boyfriend was quite worried as our house is already full enough with my old toys (I just can’t part with any once they’ve got a name!), and he definitely thought I would just make them and keep them! And to be honest I thought that might happen too – but then I found Etsy.

I studied Biology and manage to get quite a lot of ideas from science. I love making things that you wouldn’t normal see a plush version of – like my plush pills and pollen. My monsters range is inspired by my favourite programme ever – Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

3. How does the typical day look for Fur Will Fly creator?

Well I’m looking for a job at the moment after finishing my degree so I’ve had a fair bit of plush-making time over the last few months. When I get a whole day for crafting, I’ll usually check Etsy first thing and maybe list something, then start cutting out patterns and sewing, and maybe spend some time trying to take some good photos. The problem is I’ve always got loads of plushies half-made or waiting to be sewn up, and a million ideas in my sketchbook!

4. Name 3 favorite fairy tale characters.

Rapunzel (because I always wanted hair down to the floor!), Rose Red and the Snow Queen

5. What are your biggest goals or plans for the future involving your creations?

I’m quite new to selling my wares, so to speak, so I’d just like to keep plodding on with my Etsy shop for now – do some more promotion and hope my plushies keep selling! Maybe do some craft fairs one day, but I’m not quite sure the UK craft fairs are like these days – the last time I went to one they were all homemade jam and wooden name plates – not quite the place for a plush zombie! A gallery shop has recently taken a few of my bits & bobs to sell, so maybe that might lead somewhere. Of course I'd love to have my own little shop one day, but that's probably not very realistic!

6. And lastly, any words of wisdom or inspiration?
I always liked the quote by good old Albert Einstein – ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ – I know I’ll be alright then!


moogan said...

very nice article! glad to have you on the team

kasellkreations said...

Okay, while you are on the hot seat, I would like to know why your plush have one eye? Love those little minis at the bottom!

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