Monday, July 14, 2008

where the wind blows

The Plushteam is proud to say that we have been accepted into The Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago!
This is terribly exciting for us for so many reasons.
1) we are a global team, comprising of 52 members from all over the globe, Australia, Canada, The UK and The US to name a few
2) you throw that many talented plush designers into a 10x10 tent and you have an experience like non other
3)you can expect to find several team members, myself included, on hand to meet up for the first time and to greet the Renegade crowd personally
If you live near the Chicago area or happen to need an excuse for a quick vacation, stop by our tent September 13 and 14 and say hello to the best (pardon my french) DAMN Etsy Street Team!
We'll keep you all updated as we learn more exciting details.
If your are a team member who hasn't checked in yet, please contact myself or christinaward for details

1 comment:

susarto said...

yay! the plush team is taking over the world!!! :D

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