Saturday, August 30, 2008

13 days to go!

13 may be an unlucky number so come people, but if you stop by the Plush team booth at Renegade, you'll feel lucky because there will be so many awesome plushies available for your adoption! Here are 2 more fellow Plush teamers who's creatures will be available there:

Philbarto is located in Richmond, Virginia. He is a monster-maker, artist, musician, and designer. Where does he find the time to plush?

SpookyDaddy is located in Huntington, VA. He is a stay at home dad and is now devoting all of his energy to being the best dad and plush mad scientist he can be. He spends most of his time crafting the cutest and creepiest little creatures that, as days go on, take up more of his house!

1 comment:

moogan said...

yay for the plushteam guys!!!

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