Sunday, September 7, 2008

6 Days to go!!!!!!

OMG!!! There's only 6 days to go until Renegade Chicago! Here are a couple more fabulous Plush Teamers that will have their fine plush creations up for adoption at booth 70:

Follow the White Rabbit makes all of her little cuties up in Toronto, Canada. She's been an animator for about 6 years now, and has worked on animated films, tv shows and commercials. In her spare time, she loves to draw, paint, sew, make toys and take photos.

Zeldaloo is a crazy crafter form the Pacific Northwest. When she is not locked away in her studio, she is usually on flikr, updating my site, or hanging out with her husband and dogs.


Roro said...

Hi! I found your blog and I think I´m in love! ^-^

I really like the plush toys that I see in the pictures, I´m spanish and I made plush toys too and small felt brooch, if you want you can visit my blog but is in spanish!
I will come back to visit you! xoxoxo!

Nosnin said...

A few months back I had purchased a deer from Followthewhiterabbit. I love it! Her craftmanship is great and professionally made. I would love to order from her again. It made me happy to see her work featured on this blog.


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