Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boo! Ah!

Introducing the scariest, cuddliest, cutest and creepiest Halloween Maggot around . . .
The Mummy Maggot!

An Embalmed Maggot Haiku:

I scare the pants off

Pterodactyls and Maggots,

Then I eat their brains!

This relic of Ancient Egypt stowed away inside an ornate Sarcophagus of a powerful Pharaoh . . . until recently! Now it has emerged in the 21st century to scare and charm the pants off everyone it meets! Go ahead - try to resist it! Once this Mummy Maggot crosses your path you'll be cuddling with it well into the afterlife!
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1 comment:

Samaria Project said...

I never thought I would want to cuddle a maggot...let alone a mummy maggot...but yet here I am....ready to cuddle him!

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