Friday, October 10, 2008

Penny Dresses Up As P.T.Stitchy

After much debate and waffling, Penny finally decided upon her Halloween costume. A huge fan of the Plush Team, Penny could think of no better way to honor the guild of plush designers than to masquerade as their mascot, P.T.Stitchy on Halloween! This would give her the perfect opportunity to spread the word about the fabulous bunch all the while building her collection of candies and other treats. And, she would also be able to show off her favorite red and white striped leggings and her candy corn treat bag. Dont' forget her lovely floral hair pendant either!
Penny did not miss a detail from the stitching on his ears to the bandaged button patch for his right eye.
And she was still able to show off her lovely hourglass frame from behind.

1 comment:

zfla said...

great take on the costume theme combining it with the stitchy! clever and cute.

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