Friday, October 3, 2008

Zerumpees: A New and Improved Company

First of all I would like to thank the amazing plush team for all of their support in this matter. I have a very happy announcement to make. My etsy name is now officially changed to Zerumpees. They do not readily change usernames, so I do not want to confuse anyone or make anyone upset. I had a serious legal issue and with proper complaint they were able to change this for me, and I thank them very much. Zerumpees is my new company name because all of my monsters come from the quirky, peaceful planet of Zerump. It is in many of their bios, so I think it's a wonderful fit and will unify my product and make them stand out from the rest. Like my friend Brian said, "What's a Zerumpee? It's the only thing I have ever googled that showed absolutely no matches!" Let's hope so. And soon all that will pop up will be my monsters. I am very relieved and very excited to get my new name out there. I need to get new tags and new business cards and will hand them out like crazy. Thank you all.
Zerumpees Store

1 comment:

zfla said...

Glad this has worked out for you. Nice to have some more company at the end of the alphabet.

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