Monday, November 10, 2008

Cooper from dkoss2...up for charity!

Here is the newest addition to the plushraiser for all of you wonderful plushteam followers.

Cooper is a distant relative of Superbunny and Cuz. He has come to visit me in search of a new home and more people to rescue. Cooper is extremely intelligent and has the ability to move things with his mind. Sometimes he plays tricks on me and makes me go crazy looking for my keys but most of the time he uses it for good. When Cooper is not saving lives he really loves to eat taco salads and fudgey chocolate cake. He loves to play in paddle boats and ride horses through mountain trails. Cooper is very excited to meet new people and is looking forward to finding a new home shortly.

Cooper is made from recycled fabric, cotton, and much love. He is about 32" tall and 14" wide. Oh man, he just made the laptop levitate over my knees. Never a dull moment!

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