Saturday, November 8, 2008

Plush Skipping Heart for Big Brothers Big Sisters

Everyone knows what it feels like when your heart skips a beat. That pitter patter in your chest, that fluttering. I decided to recreate that sensation in a plush, huggable form and hence, the skipping heart was born. I imagine that the heart is skipping around like a happy little kid, filled with pure joy.

But do you know what really makes my heart skip a beat? Knowing that all proceeds from the purchase of my skipping heart will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Give this soft velvet skipping plush heart to the person who makes your heart skip, show them just how much you love him/her and help the Big Brothers Big Sisters program at the same time.

You will find this plush skipping heart at Etsy Plush Team shop.

1 comment:

abbydid said...

He totally makes my heart go pitter patter!

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