Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pixie the Whimsy Fairie and Her Fave Shroom

Hi! This is Kimmie K with The Whimsy Patch. I have been a member of the Plush Team for a bit over a year now and I've been making my creations for a little under 2 years now. I am donating one of my first fairy creations for the Plushraiser. She comes along with her coordinating toadstool. Should you decide to buy her, you will be getting quite a deal--basically you will get the toadstool free. So happen upon The Plush Team's Shop and check her out. All proceeds will go toward our charity for the year, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America! You spread the holiday cheer and you get to take home a new plush creation!

When I first came upon Pixe, she was sleeping so I had to speak with Blossom, her best snail friend, to find out all the great details about this lovely Fairie. Blossom tells me that Pixie is a candle maker in the Patch Fairie Woods. I think she happens to be the first candle maker I have met and this is the first time I have learned of the Fairie Woods region of the Whimsy Patch. (Blackberry did not mention this to me.) Evidently, the very best candles that residents of the Patch use come from the Fairie Woods at quite a premium. Imagine scents of Strawberry Cheesecake Taffy, Caramel Cream Coffee, and Blueberry Tea wafting about your loft! Blossom tells me they are also quite beautiful with etchings and dried flowers, candies, and forest clippings melted into the wax.

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