Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome to Lancaster!

When I arrived home from work today, I found that my plushies had strangely gathered together around our Christmas tree. This confused me, as I have never witness this type of behavior before...I thought that maybe they were planning a hostile takeover of my house. I cautiously crept closer and asked them what was going on. Turns out, a little bird told my momma jellyfish that a couple of new plushies were moving in with us...seems that they had a strange curiosity about the Amish, and wanted to come to Lancaster to better observe them in their natural habitat(I think they might have just seen the movie Witness).

Sure enough, my friendly neighborhood mail carrier delivered us a package o plush, fresh from Chicago! When I opened it, out popped 2 beautiful plushies by PterodactylPants!! We were all so excited!

After initial introductions, I could not keep the yeti and Sasquatch away from the mini spawn ornament...they were completely enthralled! You'd think they never saw a spawn in their life!

The baby jellyfish giggled with delight when she met the walrus, and immediately jumped on his back for a ride! She loved his buttons of many colors!!

A big thank you to PterodactylPants for these 2 spectacular plushies! They are a perfect addition to my little family o' plush! I even promised them that we could go on a horse and buggy tour tomorrow! woot!


jenni said...

They all look very cozy!

Felicia said...

Fabulous! Glad they welcomed the new plushies with open arms.

abbydid said...

That walrus is totally on my Christmas list.

Samaria Project said...

Awwww Look! The jellyfish and all the plushies look so happy!!!!

I love the pictures and the story!


hahahahha awww my little guys are in lub.

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