Saturday, January 10, 2009

Better Late Than Never...

I am woefully behind, I know, but I wanted to share the darling plush I received in the Holiday Plush Swap before the season faded from our memories completely.

The lovely and talented BeBe Babies and Friends sent me this darling cub, which my daughter immediately snatched up and subjected to all sorts of mothering. He was accompanied by a box of chocolate chip cookies and gorgeous magnet. When asked about the missing chocolate chip cookies, my daughter explained the babies had eaten them, so all I can show you is the delightful box they were packaged in. I can tell you they were very cute and magnetic, and one had a bite taken out of it.

I want to thank Casie Nipper for all of her loving detail to attention and for thinking of me in such a thoughtful way! You are darling! My daughter has been coompletely delighted, and when I catch a glimpse of girl and cub together I always smile.

Okay, now to take down the Christmas tree. I told you! Woefully behind.


Samaria Project said...



and p.s. don't feel bad....I was so behind I never even got my xmas decorations OUT!

Whosies said...

i love those bebe dolls. and the puddle jumper is very cute too. our tree went down last week and is still in the garage waiting for the box to wrap around it :)

Raggy Rat said...

aww, and hello, have been following the blog for a bit, some of it officaially, and now yippee im on board ... do i have to do anything to my etsy shop i wonder? and who posts here? sorry if this is not the place! theres lots of parts to the plush team
cat xxxx

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