Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mrs. Squirrel makes her debut

Wow! I'm so late I've missed the January/February challenge! I wonder how that ol' New Year's Resolution is holding up? Hum...

Anyway, Mrs. Squirrel has been badgering me (or should that be squirreling me?) to get her portrait out for the world to see.

You see, she's been living me for quite a while now and I haven't even introduced you to her.

She was created by Jen of Fuz Frenzy fame and she came to live with me because of the November/December plush swap.

She arrived wearing her prettiest finery including this beautiful shawl and her delightful acorn necklace.

Isn't she the sweetest thing ever? I think she likes our mild winters here in the south.

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