Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blogosphere Field Trip

I thought we might have a bit of fun if we ventured away from the Plush Team blog to explore the blogs of our talented and eclectic Plush Teamers. What I most value about being in the Plush Team, is the vast array of our aesthetics. I don’t believe one of us makes anything quite like another.

Our personal blogs are an excellent place to see the entire creative process that goes into inventing a new plush, and to see a peek into what we do when we are not filling up our living spaces with fluff. Here is a bit of what I found on my own blog wanderings.

There are quite a few plush gallery shows approaching, which some of our fellow plush conspirators will be participating in. On Melissa Sue's blog, you can see her fantastic beasties for Mortal Plush. (The basic premise of the Mortal Plush show is to create plush that can emote.) I love how he appears to be climbing through a portal.

And Pterodactyl Pants will be participating at the same show too! I think both Plush Teamer’s did an amazing job of capturing emotions in the plush medium.

The Stitch Wars show is approaching as well, and Moon’s Creations has created her own bunny versions of some of my childhood heroes.

Squirrel Momma is working on something a bit different. Isn’t this bird lovely?

Perhaps not easily described as lovely, but all the more intriguing, is Follow the White Rabbit’s commissioned piece, a Pierrot Plush Doll.

Last but not least, I found these rabbits by Kivett Studio on my blog wanderings. The combination of mediums is wonderful.

So, that just about wraps it up. I encourage you to explore our blogs, flickr sites, and etsy shops. You never quite know what you will find.


Christina Ward said...

What a talented group!

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Everything looks awesome! Such variety! :)

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