Monday, June 29, 2009

The best things come in small packages....

Well I'm not sure if this statement is true but mini plush comes in small packages and the plushteam certainly have some of the best out there to offer!

Every Monday in the month of May was "$5 mini plush Monday" in the plushteam's etsy shop.

It was a great success! Many wonderful $5 bargains were had and if you're quick you may still be able to snatch one up..

These colourful little ghosties by Emily follow the white rabbit aren't just cute, they also have beneficial powers.Our newest member Chris of chris.creatures made this wonderful selection of yummy treats.

Squirrel momma is kind of a mini plush expert wich I think you can tell from her little owls that are so beautifully made and photographed.

Our other mini plush expert is moonbuns, although this time it was tiny little birds as opposed to buns!

Maybe monsters are more your thing...nail biters by Abbydid and newborn monsters by Loveandasandwich prooved very popular.

Mini clearly is the way to go...who doesn't have room in their life, heart or pocket for a mini plush...little in size big in appeal! So why don't you head on over to to see if there's one left for you!

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