Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iron Chef Challenge- Battle Velcro

Hooray- finished my entry for Plush Team's Iron Chef challenge just under the wire!
I call this: "Ravioli con Tentacoli di Polpo" - Ravioli with Octopus Tentacles ::
(I love that octopus is called "polpo" :D)
My secret ingredient was tough to figure out what to do with. I brainstormed for weeks off and on trying to decide what could work. I wanted to make a food item directly out of the velcro itself as well as adding a plush element to my dish.
The ravioli are 2" velcro pieces cut, stuffed, and sewn. I used my pinking shears to cut the edges into a fluted pattern.
I came up with the idea of octopus tentacles when I was brainstorming food sources that were sticky. The "suckers" on the tentacles are also velcro- with orange felt accents to make them look like the suction cups.


abbydid said...

The ravioli are velcro, too? How did I miss that the first time? Genius! LOVE how clever everyone is in using their theme ingredients!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks abby! Yes, the ravioli are all velcro- my pinking shears DID NOT like cutting through it though, or my sewing machine sewing around the stuffing.

jenni said...

It's coming to get yooooooooou! This is awesome!

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