Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iron Plush Challenge: Mad Tea Party Cookies w/ Pom Poms

My secret ingredient for the Iron Plush Challenge was pom poms. I had a few ideas of how I wanted to use pom poms (blueberry pie, sushi with roe, a bunch of grapes, etc) but none of those ideas really felt interesting to me. Then I thought about making a type of dessert that would fit right in at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party! I thought that vanilla & chocolate cookies with colourful icing and pom poms on top would be cute, yummy, and go with my self-given Alice In Wonderland theme. Lo and behold, the set of 10 Mad Tea Party Cookies was made! :D

Thanks for looking!


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Leeanna Butcher said...

so super cute Emily! :D

Amy Perrotti said...

SWEET! These look yummy! :)

jenni said...

Those look yummy! And I love the tablecloth, too!

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