Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer with the Plush Team

In the midst of all the wonderful entries from the wonderfully talented Plush Team members for the Iron Plush Challenge, I thought I would present a few summery feeling fun plush, food and otherwise, from members' shops!

You have to have to marshmallows close by if you're doing some summer camping. I don't know if I could roast these sweet Mini Marshmallows by ScrumptiousDelight - at least not before having some sort of adorable conversation with them.

And popsicles are definitely a summer necessity. It's so hard to choose which side to eat first... Check out Bittersweets' Shocked and Smug Twin Pink Popsicle.

Although a wild pig is probably not as common at summer county fairs and the like - I think if I were to see this one by ChristinaWard I would insist it have one of those spiffy blue ribbons.

If I were a gardener I may not hope to see too many of these around this summer in the flesh but PterodactylPants' aphid I would be happy to hang out with all summer long.

These amazingly bright and cheerful Radical Rainbow Moon Buns by moonscreations just feel super summery to me.
So many talented plush artists making amazing plush - perfect for all seasons, really. This is only a teeny selection of amazing.
Hope you all have a beautiful summer!
Heather (aka Needlings)

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