Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And the Iron Plush Winners are.....

First, I want to thank everyone on the Plush team who participated in this challenge. This challenge really had a lot of us going out of our plush comfort zone and trying new techniques and materials. We really got creative with our secret ingredients! I'd also like to thank our judges....I don't envy the task they had in choosing the winners, as all the entries were absolutely
The Winners of each secret ingredient battle are....(all votes have been counted and tabulated by the accountants at Automated Financial Services):

Battle Mirrors: RaggyRat

Battle Foam: Samaria Project

Battle Velcro: DesignsbyL

Battle Faux Fur: Scrumptious Delight

Battle Pom Pom: Abbydid

We then had another vote to choose who will be crowned the Ultimate Iron Plush Master for the next year(till the next Iron Plush Challenge). Behold, your Ultimate Iron Plush Master is........ABBYDID!

Congratulations everyone! I can't wait to see what the ingredients are next year!!!


Little Critters said...

Abby you did a amazing job!

emilybee said...


Enami Eyes said...

congratulations, I never saw mini pom poms used so creatively!

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