Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A little Nostalgia

Since it's my turn to contribute to the Plush Team blog and since I'm feeling a bit nostalgic lately, I've decided to take a break from the contemporary plush world and to step back to the many "plush" characters I loved as a child. Now, because of our age differences, this may vary for the many plush team members and readers but you're more than welcome to add to the list as you see fit. This list certainly does not encompass ALL of my fuzzy loves, as you can imagine there were many, but it does give you the major highlights...

First, let me preface by saying this, I was never a doll person. I never had barbies or anything else in that genre, I never fully understood my American Girl doll, and I rarely played with the Cabbage Patch doll I did have. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these things, nor is there anything wrong with the people who were partial to them. I am just stating a fact. Not a doll person. BUT, I was a stuffed animal person. I always, always had a stuffed animal with me as a child. On every family trip, the goal was always to get a stuffed animal souvenir. It was always my reward for a good report card or my boo-boo prize when I was sick. (And I must admit, it's still my boo-boo prize sometimes even in adulthood) I just love stuffed animals, plushies, softies, however you'd like to refer to them. There's something so incredibly comforting about them... they're very hard to resist!

Now, onto the list...

The Puffalump
- soft, squishy, silky, and totally huggable (I was the proud owner of the cow with the little dress... )

The Popples
- soft, small, and interactive (Just thinking about these little balls of joy sets my heart aflutter...)

The Carebear
- classic, squeezable, and loyal (Sunshine Bear always made my days a little brighter and Bedtime Bear kept my sister company while she slept...)

(of Rainbow Brite fame) - does this really need an explanation?

- gigantic, hairy, and utterly adorable (Admittedly, my favorite Sesame Street character...)

Oscar the Grouch
- grumpy, silly, and... well... an acquired taste (a close second to Snuffy...)

Red of Fraggle Rock
- quirky, lovable, and full of spunk (a dear role model?)

And last but certainly not least...

- a true gentleman (who could resist such a handsome fella?...)

As a plush artist, I have to say, I am honored to be able to list these wonderful creations as childhood inspirations. And with that, I am off to rummage through my parent's attic to see if I can recover some of these treasures!


Ellen Ault said...

Love the Popples! I had two, but my cat mistook the popples tail as a toy and it became hers. But I do still have my "Red", she is great.

peppernys said...

Snuffy! what a lovely picture :)
I had soft toys instead of dolls as a kid too. Could never understand barbie dolls. Soft toys are so much more snuggly than dolls.

cutedesigns said...

Wow! I'd totally forgotten about Puffalumps! :D But I liked Popples and Fraggles. :D

Amy said...

OMG,, I so remember these fluffy toys!! such inspiration for ya.

greenstarstudio said...

a.) i have a legitimate, for real, totally no joke crush on Kermit. I actually wanted to marry him when i was younger. Like, white dress, tux, flowers, aisle--- the whole deal.

b.) i still have my popple. It might be one of a very small group of non-handmade plush i'll let my kids play with some day.

c.) i must restrain myself for searching ebay for a snuffy doll. love him too. but didnt want to marry him.

Abbey C said...

Oh my goodness, Kermit my first boyfriend. :)

simply_hibiscus said...

i'm 18 and as a kid i loved watching the popple movies with my popples i found them at thrift stores when i was little and just loved them and loved rainbow brights little helpers ^_^

lue said...

For 3 days I've been trying to figure out the name of the stuffed animals that were out in the 80's and cant get it. They had clear palstic noses and when you squeezed their stomaches the glitter would flutter in the nose. Please help me figur this out!!!

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