Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Seeing Red

Red symbolizes action, confidence, courage, vitality and love. This is just a small a selection of beautiful handcrafted plush creations made by members of Plush Team that embody these traits:

[On the Left] Marple the Fox - Small Felt Plush by Jefita
[On the Right] Bittersweets Angry Baby Tomato Brooch/Magnet by Bittersweeets

[On the Left] Sizable Stomach by FurWillFly
[On the Right] The Emotionals - Cherry Red by FluffyFlowers

[On the Left] Frederic of Monoceros by dkoss2
[On the Right] Red and Charcoal Grey Chupacabra by ChristinaWard

[On the Left] Mini Kickball Dodgeball Magnet by ChrisCreatures
[On the Right] Baby Monstroctopus- Irgby by loveandasandwich

[On the Left] Radical Rainbow Moon Bun - Rude Red by moonscreations
[On the Right] Edgar Gold by philbarbato

[On the Left] Strawberry Bird - Little Felt Creature by MelissaSue
[On the Right] heart skips - plush velvet heart softie-half off sale by pattihaskins

[On the Left] red the little weirdo by susarto
[On the Right] Velvet Ant plush soft sculpture by weirdbuglady

[On the Left] Carolina Kittie by thewhimsypatch
[On the Right] Tommy Tomato - Amigurumi Crochet Plushie - Salmonella Free by yummypancake

[On the Left] Best Bear Plush Doll - Red - Free Shipping by nonesuchgarden
[On the Right] Demon Spawn in Devil Red by PterodactylPants

[On the Left] Smiley Worm by LittleCritters00
[On the Right] Stanley the Needling by Needlings

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