Thursday, January 7, 2010

happy happy swap day!

pressie box

i JUST got my swap gift in the mail today, and i had to immediately post it because i LOVE it so much!!!!

i sorta guessed who it was from by the little drawings on the box...

see, i had already torn the tape off because i was so excited to see what was in there!!!

and look how cute! i was almost afraid to open it!
pretty pressie

well, almost...

ivy rabbit!!!

her name is ivy rabbit!!! and she was made (with fantastic detail) by leeanna at PlushGoodness
it says on her tag that "ivy lives with her roommate holly and they both work at the lapin botanical gardens. ivy's botanical specialty is climbing vines. this party girl is ready to wow everyone at the holiday party in her retro-ornament print dress."

i know she'll fit right in here! but i'll leave her to the climbing, cause i'm afraid of heights ;)

i recently just had to buy these little snowmen head ornaments from leeanna, just because she's one of my favouritest plush makers in the whole wide world! and i absolutely adore them too!
snowman heads!
they spent christmas here with us, and i think they had a pretty good time :)

thanks so much leeanna!!!! ivy is fantastic! she will be taken good care of! :D


abbydid said...

aah! that is so ADORABLE! i totally need me a lapin botanical gardener. she has a roommate, huh? hmmmmm...

QuirkynBerkeley said...

Oh such a cute plushie, and a wonderful backstory.

Little Critters said...

aww, how awesome.

Leeanna Butcher said...

Aww- thanks Susan for the great post- so glad that you loved Ivy! :D

GreenWorks said...

Oooh Ivy is super cute!

Read back through the other swap gifts and really enjoyed reading about all the plushie characters.

Felicia said...

I just love her ball fringe bracelet! :)

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