Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Partaaaaaay Tiiiime!!!

I had been having a bit of a down day, feeling under the weather for a few weeks now and can't seem to kick this cold... so as I struggled to get on with my day yesterday, I made my way out of my apartment and there waiting for me was this mysterious package! I have been ordering a bunch of supplies, stocking up for the upcoming season, but I picked up the package and saw a customs form. "A customs form?", I thought, "Did I order something from overseas in my sleep and not remember?" (I wouldn't put it past me...) Then I remembered I had patiently been waiting for my holiday plush swap item to arrive! Could it be? My plush bundle of joy flew all the way from Australia to meet me? I tore open the package and quickly ripped open the lovely gold paper that was protecting my new best friend within... And there he was... Mr. Minsky!

Mr. Minsky hopped out of the envelope, tore off the remains of the gold paper he was wrapped in, and immediately started dancing. He was beeping and talking and trying to communicate with me but he was moving so fast I couldn't understand a word he was saying! Apparently the postman found out how much Mr. Minsky here loves chocolate cake and gave him a piece on the ride over which, naturally, sent him into a sugar dancing craze! But I didn't mind a bit, Mr. Minsky, the Partybot, is exactly what I needed to lift my spirits. And there we stood, on my front stoop just dancing the day away and dreaming of the chocolate cake we would share when the celebration moved indoors. Sure my neighbors think I'm crazy... so what else is new?

Thank you Rachel of Redmag, Mr. Minsky and I are celebrating life in a whole new way!

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