Friday, January 15, 2010

A Russian Raggy Rat for Me?

Round the Rugged Rocks
the Rascally, Russian Raggy Rat Ran
to the House
of the Country Mouse
But she wasn't home.
Luckily, the Rat's old chum, Mr. Hamster was sitting house for the mouse.

Kiss, kiss. A warm welcome my friend.

Can you join me for dinner? I'll set another place.

Oh, what a marvelous hat, Rat. May I try it on?

This lamb smells divine. When do we eat?

The two old friends reminisced about old times back in Dorset at the house of Cat while enjoying the southern California sunshine. . .

Many thanks to Cat (aka The Raggy Rat) for the wonderful Russian Christmas Rat.


Raggy Rat said...

aaaargh !
you kill me - these photos are brilliant, you rally brought those boys to life !
thanks !
cat xxxxxxxxx

zfla said...

no, thank you, Cat!

Leeanna Butcher said...

BRILLIANT post, zfla!! :D I love his russian hat- great idea Cat! :D

Raggy Rat said...

thanks leeanna xxxx

Felicia said...

LOL adorable! :)

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