Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yippeee for Holiday Swap!! Thanks Fluffy!

If you couldn't tell by now the Plushteam did a holiday swap. I received an awesome box from Fluffy Flowers. My favorite part of Plushteam swaps is finally getting to see (and own) other member's creations. So I was really excited to find out what Fluffy had sent me as I was already a fan of her work. I was so overjoyed and blown away by the contents!

First of all this little gal jumped out before I could see anything else. It was surprising too because everything was so well packaged but I think she must have been extra hungry from her trip. Look at that innocent face...

That was when I realized she was not so innocent. Poor Gingy got a bite out of his head and arm before I could jump in and save him. However she promised to stop eating him and was too cute to tell no. Plus Gingy decided he liked her because she had other Gingys all over her dress.

Also in the box was a little Fluffy and a really really awesome pouch. I shrieked when I discovered this pouch as I loooove collecting pouches. This one looks like snow falling on a hill....just awesome. Thanks Fluffy and the Plushteam!

1 comment:

Felicia said...

I'm thrilled that you like all your gifties :)

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