Monday, February 8, 2010

Grandpa Wibbles is in the house!

How delighted was I when I received a HUGE Plush Team gift from the one and only Abbydid (aka Santa) :)

Of course, in my excitement I wasn't able to take pictures of my Plush Team swap until I was hugging it excitedly and squealing like a little girl!

I would love to introduce you to my amazing, awesome Wibbly Granfather Christmas (which I have already named grandpa wibbles)!!

He has already taken to living with us quite well - He enjoys hanging out in my craft space over seeing what I am making.

He is quite fond of cooking and loves to spend his free time browsing the internet for new recipes:

And of course, he loves his afternoon nap :)

We just love our Grandpa Wibbles!! Thank you so much Abby!!


dingogirl66 said...

so cute

Francine said...

oooo i looooooooooved this blog!!


abbydid said...

So glad he has such a happy home:)

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