Friday, February 26, 2010

Luck O' the Irish

The Plush Team figures that we all could use a little extra luck these days, so with that in mind, here are the lucky St. Patrick's Day plush made by various members of the Team. All of these plush goodies are available now in the Team's Etsy Shop.

Why not carry your good luck with you wherever you go with this fun Shamrock Hat Mini Toastee keychain by Yummy Pancake.

Or, you can rub this Shamrock Baby Pookity's belly for good luck throughout the year. It was made to be oh so soft and cuddly by Dog & Daemona.

If you're really lucky, you might catch Liam O'Brian the Leprechaun and he'll grant you a wish or two. Seamus Clodhopper figures he's really lucky to live in a beautiful country like Ireland, so inviting Seamus over to your house for a visit is sure to bring you some luck. Both Liam and Seamus were made by Plush Goodness.

What could be more Irish than a good Shillealagh? Shillealaghs are Irish walking sticks, but as Christina of Christina Ward Creatures says, this one is nice and soft, and good for "beating...ah hem...walking." ;D

You could use a plush Shillealagh to round up some of these adorable Irish Sheebies by Susarto, of which Sean is just one of three.

OR, use that shillealagh to handle these super soft, lovely and POSABLE spotted snakes made by abbydid.

Why not stop on by the Plush Team's shop and get lucky? ;D


dingogirl66 said...

Fantastic work!!!

Isabela said...

Cool! All of them! specialy the first one! ^_^

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