Friday, February 12, 2010

Mr. Toastee makes some new friends!

Woot! I came home from work one day last month(yes, I am seriously slacking on my post) and found the most wonderful little package waiting for my on my porch. It was from my PT plush swapee, Moonscreations! Mr. Toastee could not wait to tear into the box to see what was inside! He was so excited when he saw that it contained 3 uber cute new friends for him! A Forest Moon Bun, A little kitty that looks just like Max E. Pad, and a little baby groundhog!

Mr. Toastee and the Moonbun were immediately inseperable! They love to go out an play in all this snow that we are having!

They even met a few new monster friends while they were outside in a snow....but that's a story for another time....
Daphne, my Pullip, immediately layed claim to the little Max E. Pad kitty as soon as he jumped out of the box.

And the little groundhog, well, he came to work with me and lives in my office. He loves to play with the other little toys on my desk, but I caught him nibbling on Kelly's Bonsai at her desk....nomnomnom

Thank you!!!!


out of the frame said...

I love the snow angels picture!

Ana Camamiel said...

Mr. Toastee with the scarf is one of the cutest things i´ve ever seen!

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