Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hip Hop Hooray!

The Easter Bunny has made his appearance in the Plush Team etsy shop! Why not add some handmade goodies to your Easter baskets this year for an extra-special touch?

From Out of the Frame comes this wonderful free standing amigurumi Easter Bunny with posable arms, lovely multi-colored sweater, and Easter basket.

Here's Bugsy the Easter Bunny who is so cute with his basket full of eggs, hand sewn by Hibou Cards.

And the adorably floppy-eared Bunny Plush with Poppy by DogDaemona:

Last but not least, if you are in the mood for something sweet that won't add any inches to your waistline (who isn't? ;D) and also won't have the kids running around on a sugar-high, why not celebrate Easter with these cute and delicious-looking Easter Cupcakes by Scrumptious Delight? You can almost taste the marshmallow bunnies on top. :D


Mi (なおみ) said...

so cute .. happy easter ... !

Felicia said...

Oh, so many cute bunnies for Easter! :)

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