Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mothers Matter!

The PlushTeam's January/February project was to donate plush to the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation's Mothers Matter program!

Mothers Matter is a great program that delivers gift baskets to single moms...whether they are trying to go back to school to get a good job, if they or their kid(s) are sick and in hospital, or if they are in some urgent need and cannot get help from government programs.

They prepare and distribute thousands of gift bags for special mom's like these for mother's day, and also have an "everyday" gift bag program that they do throughout the year.

There is a terrific video on their website with lots of photos of what they do. It is heart-warming and inspiring!

We had 16 team members donate to this great cause.

I was the lucky one who got to hand-deliver the plush to Susan Rose. Susan started the foundation, and really puts her all into it!

She was really excited about all of the stuff we brought her, and says a big THANK YOU to all who donated! We poured through the box of plushies admiring each one!

the delivery of the plush

I have to admit...it was a little tough to hand them over. I became quite attached to them while they were staying with me ;)

Here is another photo with ALL of the donations. I think there were about 60 in total! We are going to make a lot of moms happy!

mother's matter!

Below is a list of all the team members who donated (with links to their etsy shops)! THANK YOU so very much for your generosity and your hard work!!! :D


Felicia said...

A very worthy cause! I love seeing all those cute plush just waiting to make little children smile :)

out of the frame said...

oo and check out the guitar hanging on the wall!

Ruby Clover said...

So cool! You girls look beauty-ful ♥

GreenWorks said...

WTG Plush team on suporting such a good cause!

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