Monday, March 22, 2010

Plush Team Euro Week: March 22-27, 2010

The Plush Team joins Etsy in celebrating European artisans all this week. As an international collective, we have a few Europeans of our own to introduce.
  • Fur Will Fly of the United Kingdom incorporates her science background into her plush designs.
  • Kitty Pink Stars loves all things pink and makes adorable sock creatures in the United Kingdom.
  • Out of the Frame (British) living and working in Bosnia and Herzegovina crochets delightful creatures with loads of personality.
  • The Raggy Rat of Dorset, United Kingdom, a keen recycler makes use of all sorts of fabrics in her creations. By the way, she does make a lot of rats.
  • Siansburys of the United Kingdom makes amazing sock monkeys, but not ordinary sock monkeys. Check out her attention to detail on John.
  • Melissa Sue Stanley is now a European crafter having just relocated from Chicago to Zurich. She's still setting up her studio, please be patient. Here's a fine example of her handiwork.
And then we have Europeans now residing in the United States and Canada: Hibou Cards (France), Scrumptious Delight (Great Britain), The Pixels (Poland). All three make lovely unique pieces.

Join us in celebrating our European members. The Plush Team is proud to honor them this week.


out of the frame said...

fantastic post :) Happy Euro week everyone!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Awesome post, zfla!! Love the maps!! :) YAY Euro-teamers. :)

zfla said...

i had layout help from karla. she is the map whiz!

Felicia said...

Love our European team members!

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